Design for Special Effects

Design of physical effects action sequences, specialising in close proximity explosives & pyrotechnics, action props, mechanical rigs, movers & control systems, from concept sketch to rendered drawings, CAD & Structural analysis.


Manufacturing for Special Effects

Build & construction of heavy rigs, movers, hydraulic platforms, pneumatics, tanks, special effects machinery, breakaways, electronics and control systems.


Products for Special Effects

Production of in-camera hero and action props, 3-D printing, rapid prototyping, inert and close action pyro products.


Special Builds

Creative Constructions with a Special EFX twist, fiery, floating, flying, exploding.

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Special Effects Equipment Hire

Pyrotechnic control systems, Rain rigs, Wind machines, Smoke and Fog machines, over 20 years we’ve bought enough Special Effects Equipment to create any enviromental or atmospheric effect in any situation.